About Anna

Anna Bogusevich (A.Bogh)

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Artist, Art Instructor, Art Educator

"The Luxurious, cheerful world of images in Anna's works extend - from the bright landscapes, living still lives, colorful flower gardens to romantic female images. Anna's paintings are distinguished by the sincerity of their style with a subtle sense of color".

Open for commissions

(portraits, landscapes, still life, animals)

Anna was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.

After leaving her habitual Russian life in 2011 she began discovering a new one. And it is at that moment, the love of art played an important role for her.

When she did understand how truly important it is for her, she opened an acrylic painting event "Art & Tea Party" in 2016 and then art studio for kids "ArtHOOT". Today she cannot imagine herself without painting which makes her life full, interesting, help relax, find the balance and happiness. She is creating with the desire to give back the opportunity to feel all of that.

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