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 About Anna

Anna Bogusevich (A.Bogh.)

Anna works at home studio, create artworks with acrylic, ink, oil pastel and watercolor on paper.

Open for commissions (portraits, landscapes, still life and animals).

She is an all self-taught artist with the gift of the inner self. Since childhood, she always loved to paint and experiment with different mediums. She was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. After leaving her habitual Russian life in 2011 she started finding herself in a different world. She lives in San Diego and traveling a lot. When she opened an acrylic painting event "Art&Tea Party" and then art studio "ArtHOOT" for the Russian community in San Diego she did not expect to see such demand. And now she cannot imagine life without painting which makes her life full, interesting, help relax, find the balance and happiness. She is creating with the desire to give the opportunity to feel that, everyone.